District 202 is implementing the RESCUE Illinois Schools program to use undesignated asthma medication in all its schools for emergencies.

The Resources for Every School Confronting Unexpected Emergencies initiative provides timely and life-saving assistance to students, staff or visitors who may experience sudden respiratory distress while on campus, said Christina Edwards, district Health Services Administrator.

The program is funded with a grant from the Illinois Department of Human Services.

The asthma medication can be given by trained personnel or a school nurse when an individual is in respiratory distress in school or during school -sponsored activities.

Undesignated asthma medication refers to emergency inhalers that are not prescribed to a specific individual. 

The medicine is available in strategic locations within schools, such as the nurse’s office with the athletic trainers, or other designated areas, Edwards said.

 This proactive approach enables a faster response in critical situations, potentially saving lives and reducing the impact of respiratory distress, said Mina Griffith, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services.

 “District 202 remains steadfast in its mission to create a healthy and nurturing learning environment for all students,” Griffith said.

 “The implementation of undesignated asthma medication in schools reflects our unwavering dedication to the well-being of the students, staff, and community we serve.”