The Screen Zombie

Raising a child in the Age of Technology is no small task - from apps and games, to social media and YouTube, it can be a battle to get your kids to disconnect from the screen. Join Officer Jeff Bean for your essential look at the good, the bad and the ugly sides of social media, and how to help keep your child safe online.

Join Officer Jeff Bean, president and founder of Safe School 4 All, to discover:

  • Real-time demonstrations of the most popular social media apps among kids and teens
  • Proven strategies for keeping kids safe online
  • The positive and negative effects of social media and technology
  • How to realistically establish and define your child’s - and your - relationship with technology and social media
  • Proven strategies for managing technology and social media use by younger children
  • Tips and ideas for managing already-established excessive and unchecked technology and social media use
  • Understanding the limitations of privacy and claiming your parental power